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Hello there, my name is Amanda.  I am a somewhat typical 25 year old stay-at-home mom of a V E R Y energetic two year old girl(Autumn) & wife of a wonderful, never dull, fishing obsessed mechanic.

I love sharing my highly caffeinated life, things I’ve learned and am learning now(like blogging) and building community between other women. I guess you could consider this is a “mom blog”, but I also have a passion for make-up/beauty as well, and even though I’m not a professional, I love talking about it. I’ve been a Christian for about 13 years or so and my faith plays a pretty big roll in my life- I’m learning about God in an entirely new way now as a mother and wife and I share that in this blog.

So, pour yourself some coffee(or wine depending on your current situation) ,get comfy and click around. I can’t wait to see how this blogging adventure unfolds and I welcome you to join me on it.