Take the Time, Mama

As a stay at home mom, I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time because I am seeing the constant messes and things that need my attention throughout the day while taking care of my daughter.

I am prepping dinners for the week and I’m interrupted because there’s a crisis that needs immediate attention, you know, like my child can’t find her toy that’s literally on the floor right next to her…that sort of thing. I get side tracked, to the point where sometimes I totally relate to the dog from UP! (squirrel!!) I start doing something else then remember “oh shoot, I was meal planning” and on and on it goes. Meanwhile, my coffee is still sitting on the counter waiting to be enjoyed and gets warmed in the microwave about 4 times by the time I get to finish it. I know what you might be thinking, and no, I don’t have ADD. I’m just a mom.

We do a lot as moms and sometimes we get so incredibly caught up in all the chaos that we forget to stop and be mindful. Here’s your reminder, mama. Take the time to STOP what you’re doing, don’t worry; it WILL get done, eventually. Take in the sunset. Let your heart rest in the quiet, even if that quiet is when you finally get the kids in bed and hubby is scrolling Instagram at 11 pm. Let the dishes sit in the sink unwashed for just 5 min more and see something beautiful that you would typically overlook. Write down a list of things you’re grateful for and smile. For me this week is already dragging on and on and it’s only Tuesday, but whenever I take time to be mindful, I find that I don’t really mind the chaos as much.


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