August Chaos & the Beauty In It All

‘Tis the season of chaos!!

We are nearing the end of summer, back to school shopping, some are even back to school already. It seems that as our lives are going back to normal as kids go back to school, we all are going just a little crazy in this transition stage. Now, my toddler isn’t in school yet, but we still totally got bit by the “busy bug” (yeah, I made that up, corny things like that come to me more naturally now that I’m a toddler mom…)

Anyway, we are currently getting ready to transition from tiny apartment to house next month and couldn’t be more excited for our little family, but man, moving is a LOT of work and planning!! On top of the crazy meal planning and prepping, budgeting normal bills and including saving “extra” for moving and yadda yadda yadda. It’s exhausting!! And that’s not all folks, we are also (wait for it….)

P O T T Y  T R A I N I N G ! !

This is our third attempt, and it’s true what they say, third times the charm!!!

We did the 3 day potty training method and I am totally humble bragging when I say how proud I am of my little Autumn for getting it in ONE DAY!!! …..well, for the most part. She did have an accident and a half the second day, the half was just that she started “going” before she got to the potty, but most of it ended up in the potty; so I am gonna take it as a win. Anyway, if any of you mamas (or papas) out there are approaching potty training, my biggest advice to you is to seriously wait until THEY are ready. My daughter has always kinda been on the more advanced side (another partial humble brag, but mostly just what her doctor has told me) so it was difficult for me to imagine that she wouldn’t be ready early for the potty. Our first attempt was at 18 mo. and it was a huge fail. The second time was a little better but still totally stressful and she ended up actually getting sick in the middle of the process so I stopped and decided not to try again until she was really truly ready. I fought giving in to the pressure of making sure she’s potty trained just because everyone is telling me to do it. I let her lead, and I regret not coming to that conclusion earlier. We are on day 4 so we are still definitely still in training mode, but she’s got it so far. Our next step is going out and about. (Wish us luck!) She is 2 and 9 months and my ultimate goal was to train her before her third birthday, but I made myself get rid of that expectation and low and behold when I did, she decided she was ready shortly after. Funny how that works…

This past week has been exhausting and just as I was getting a little too comfortable in my parenting, my toddler threw me a curve ball and decided she was ready for potty time. It reminded me that we, as humans, are always learning and growing, and to count that as a blessing. We should never become too comfortable and always rise to challenges that life brings us no matter how exhausting or seemingly impossible. Sometimes we choose a new challenge, like accepting  a new scary job and leaving our comfort zone job you hate. Most of the time though, life just gives you new challenges, like potty training a toddler or dropping them off on they’re first day of school. Just know that what ever your challenge is you’re currently facing, you are growing and becoming a stronger person than you were the day before and that is such a beautiful thing. Fill up your coffee mug and keep going!! Cheers to chaos, cheers to moments of rest, cheers to becoming better and stronger people.

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